Let Me Help You With Your Family Law Cases.

    I hope you find my services easy to access and my responses swift. As a retired San Francisco Superior Court Commissioner and Certified Family Law Specialist I am focused on providing experienced quality services to you, the Family Law Attorney, while you help your clients. You may retain me to assist from the beginning of your Family Law matter, or at any time for any portion of the case. I offer Case Management, Early Case Resolution, Entry of Judgment, Discovery & Law and Motion Hearings, and Trials. I specialize in Judicial Settlement Conferences or Mediation.

    I am a traveling judge, which means I come to you and your clients for meetings, conferences, hearings and trials.

  • Case Management

    What We Do

    As a family law judge pro tem, the Commissioner will keep your case on track, making decisions about discovery and timing of the process. Immediate decisions by telephonic conferences move the case forward as quickly as the parties are able.

  • Judge Pro Tem

    Custom Development

    With a stipulation and order for appointment of judge pro tem or CCP 638, the Commissioner will take jurisdiction over a specific family law issue, hearing, trial, or the entire matter, depending upon the needs of the parties.

  • Settlement Judge

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    With or without a stipulation and order for appointment of judge pro tem, the Commissioner will facilitate settlement discussions on family law matters.