Our Mission

My Commitment to the Bar

I believe I can best serve the Family Law Attorney by maintaining a neutral role and by ruling in a fair and unbiased manner. I am an experienced judicial officer who abides by the Judicial Code of Ethics, requiring full disclosure of conflicts whether perceived or actual. I do not practice as a private attorney, and am, thus, able to remain neutral in all cases.

My Commitment to Family Law Litigants

I believe parties can go through a divorce without destroying one another and their children. My goal is to assist all involved to stay focused on the issues and not on their negative emotions. I promise to be fully prepared for any and all proceedings, having read all pleadings provided to me and having completed my own legal research where necessary.

My Process

Attorneys may contact me to assure my availability. I will discuss the substance of a case only with both attorneys present. For Case Management and Evidentiary Hearings I require a stipulation by the parties and an order that I may act as the Judge Pro Tem for their entire matter or for a portion which must be designated in the stipulation.

Have Gavel, Will Travel

I do not maintain a public office for conferences and hearings. Attorneys will arrange for conference rooms and court reporters, if needed.

Bar number 108856